BID Initiatives

Commercial Rehab & Facade Improvements

  • Secure external infrastructure
  • Market to walk-in/drive-by clientele
  • Improve customer experience
  • Dine-in experience
  • Grow business to create jobs
  • Access to business development training

Litter Control & Beautification

  • Implement a cleanup schedule
  • Manage trash along North 24th Street BID area
  • Manage litter during special events
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North 24th Street Streetscape Master Plan

  • Sidewalks in the Historic District (from Burdette to Ohio) do not allow for two people to walk side by side down the street.
  • Some areas on North
    24th Street does not have sidewalks at all, causing people to walk in the streets.
  • Design, engineering, construction
  • 4 phase project
  • 4 zones

Learn more about the North 24th Street Streetscape Plan

North 24th Business Improvement District

Safety and Security Plan

  • Closed property signs
  • Dusk to dawn lighting
  • Community conversations

22 properties on North 24th Street installed Closed Property Signs in 2020.

  • Public service announcement
  • Policies
  • Cruising ordinance
  • Social club ordinance
  • Additional security
  • Cruisers on corners
  • Paid, off duty police
  • Noise Ordinance